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Jan 3, 2012
I'm finally getting my first hens next week

3- Rhode Island Red pullets ( 1 month old )

I want to feed them only in the early mornings and late-afternnoons by "broadcasting" their feed
in their run by hand.

Veggie scraps from my garden will be provided fresh daily as well as drinking water will be available throughout the day.

Is this okay?
You would be wasting a lot of feed by throwing it on the grown.

1 month old chicks should have starter or grower feed for them to eat the biggest part of the day (if not 24-7) and it should be in a feeder.
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I agree with Chris. I'd also provide them with some grit if they have no access to sand are pebbles. You can throw some scratch on the ground here & there. Don't over load them with scratch its low in protein.
You would need to use a feeder. Growing babies need food 24/7. You can throw treats and such out or leave it in your hand so they can eat from that's all they do.. EAT EAT EAT! LOL
Thank you folks I appreciate your advice...I have a lot to learn from you all...
I have to disagree- sorry! At 4 weeks I switch mine to crumbles and throw it in the tractor on the grass- keeps them all busy!!! And there is nothing left and my growth is on target. At 6 weeks I switch them to pellets- even better! They stare at it the first day and lift their noses in disgust- but eat it anyway. I feed early morning and late afternoon. Depends I suppose on how much you want to baby them, at 12 weeks mine move from the tractor to and introduction camp adjoining the main free range pasture camps to socialise with the older hens. At 17 weeks the interleading gate is opened and they switch to layer feed, some start laying from 19 weeks. On free range pasture I find they don't need more than 70 - 80g feed-layer- per day- they ARE chickens and are very capable of finding their own food if the pasture is good and well managed. By making them peck at the ground from young they are in "free range training camp"!!! Try a few ways and find what works for you, your day to day life and CLIMATE! Everyone's circumstances are different!

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