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Everytime I bump it it turns either on or off...what did I do wrong? And for the Chic-chick-bator what kind of light bulb should I use?
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Sounds like you might have a loose wire, but that's just a guess and an uneducated one at that
how are you controlling the power ( what kind of switch, or are you using one i betting on a bad switch at this time until more info ) and what exactly is turning on the heater, light, fan or the whole set up, we can fix this lets just walk thur this slowly
In my chic chick I use a 25 watt ceiling fan candle shape bulb.

Sounds to me like you also have a lose wire or possibly not enough of the wire was exposed when you did your stripping. Check where it connects to the thermostat too.
That's if you followed the same plans I did.
If it turns on/off all or most of the time when you bump it, there is probably something wrong like a loose wire.

However, note that the thermostat switch is movement-sensitive so if it is extremely close to turning on or off ANYhow, then yes, touching or bumping the incubator can make it 'go'.

Is it holding a consistant temperature? If not, doublecheck your wiring and maybe try a different wattage of bulb (or one bulb constantly on and another in the thermostat, both of lower wattage than you would use if you had only the thermostatically-controlled one) and see what you get.

Good luck, have fun,

Do you think a 25 watt bulb would make it a more stable temperature? Also what should I do to make it forced air. I heard of pc fans and 12 volt dc adapters. But I don't wanna start a fire is there a better way?
was having the same problem. checked all the wires couldn't find it. checked the plug in it was just barely out. fixed the problem. good luck.
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