Handmade Quilted Cloth Mug Mat Set, Various Patterns & Colors /Fannin Co. GA

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    This set of 4 handmade 100% cotton mug mats features representations of three of my roosters you may know, Isaac, Rex and Deacon, the "Masters of Mountain View", named for our Mountain View Heritage Poultry. The batting is also cotton. They are machine washable, good for use under warm and cold beverages, inside or outside, used on back or front, whichever you like. They are used as shown, not "unfolded", as some have tried to do-the thicknesses of the folded fabric, coupled with the cotton batting, is what protects your surfaces.

    Also available: Patriotic Set & Springtime Set

    Add $2 shipping cost
    They will be shipped in First Class in a manila padded envelope. You may use Paypal or send a postal money order/cash and the mug mat set will be shipped when payment is received.
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    The rooster mug mats are unavailable, but I have a set of patriotics and a set of springtime ones if anyone is interested in those. :)

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