Happy button :)


7 Years
Feb 20, 2012
St. Petersburg, FL
Just wanted to share this video of my little Scooter, happily getting scritches when I came home from work today. He gets so excited to see me, I wonder if his tiny quail head will explode, lol
wow, its amazing how tame he is! My buttons run if they so much as see me move, though one of my females is much braver. How did you go about taming this guy?
I raised him straight from the egg. He wasn't supposed to hatch, but one of my hens had been sitting on a small pile of (what I thought were) dud eggs. One morning in mid-February I heard the tell-tale "squee squee squee" and rushed in to find the other hens and daddy attacking him. Dislocated his left wing joint, but it healed straight on its own. He enjoys being handled much more than his sister, Bee, whom I'd also raised from the egg (she hatched under one of my budgie hens on New Years Day, boy I hadn't expected that!).

The other 4 adults are all skittish and want nothing to do with me, lol. He likes to play a little game with me in the mornings, where I blow on him and he'll run around his pen like a goofball, with my hand chasing after him XD He's my little buddy!

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