Happy Easter to all and It is good to be home.

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    I hope everyone had a great Easter morning. Even if you don't believe in the miracle of Easter. I wish great happiness to you and yours. I thank the good Lord that I am home with my family and that I have such good friend here at haome and at BYC. All of you have been so good to me and my family during my sickness. I thank all of you for the thoughts and prayers that you have sent me.
    I have decided to go ahead with the spinal surgery that will remove the broken fusion and screws and stuff in my back. They are going to replace all the old stuff and put in new screws, cages, rods and other stuff. they are going to fuse me from S1 up to T10 or T11. They are going to clean up the stenosis in the area and fix the spondylousthesis that is at L4 and L5 and L4 and L3. I have talked with my family, friends, doctors and with the Lord in prayer and decided it is the way to go. I am going to have a discogram next week in Raleigh, NC. They are going to check 6 of the disc that I am having problems with. The test hurts but, It can't hurt worse than the continuing hurt I suffer everyday. I have faith in the doctors and the Lord that it is time to do this and that I will get some relief from the everyday constant pain I have. I pray that it will allow me to do some evryday things that I always to for granted. I also pray that it will give my wife and family some piece of mind and let them have some free time away from taking care of me. I have felt like such a burden on them at times and just wished that it would all just go away.
    I know that others on here feel the same way as I do but, trust in the Lord, your faith, your friends and family. Trust in yourself and believe evryday that things will get better. DON"T give up. There is a better day coming and we just have to wait for it to come.
    My family and I have dealt with this for 14 years now. My 16 year old daughter has really never know her father work at a regular job. She knows I worked before she was born and she knows people who talk about how good an electrician and electronics guy her dad was. She has seen the Drag race cars her dad raced and the trophys that her dad won playing football, baseball, wrestling, weight lifting, and fishing, Her mom tells of how good her dad looked in Highschool and College and how fit he was. But all she has seen the last few years is her loving dad bent over from a bad back and weak legs that always hurt. All she sees is her dad do a few small things and then have to lay down. All she has seen is a dad that has to wear a ugly back brace and use a cane to get around.
    But Lord willing and with help from family and friends I am going to get better this time and this 5th operation is going to be the miracle that we all have hoped and prayed for. I AM GOING TO GET BETTER and SO WILL EACH OF YOU. I will continue to pray to god and I will include each and everyone of you. Thanks to all of you for reading this and thanks again for all you have done. Thanks to all. Your friend always, dave27889.[​IMG]
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    Happy Easter! I will pray for you. I know how hard it is for your daughter to see you like that because my mother had to go through a back surgery. I remember her riding horses and now she can't. I pray that this surgery will help you and you won't have to have any more surgeries.
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    Good to hear from you.

    Happy Easter and prayers for your health and gaining strength,
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    Glad to see youre posting. Hope you get straightened out soon. We will be praying for you. Happy Easter.
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    God bless you, you have a great attitude and we're all pulling for you.
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    Easter is for miracles. Hope it all works out well for you and gives you some relief. [​IMG]

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