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Jun 8, 2022
Hi chicken lovers! We arrived last year in the US from Switzerland. We live near Princeton NJ. We started to raise chicken short after we installed ourselves in our house, making the most of the beautiful natural garden in our backyard. We started this activity with great satisfaction until the fox passed by our backyard one night recently and killed 3 of them. So sad. Only one 4 y.o. Saphir Gems, survived, since then we call her Warrior. We feel she is a bit lonely and we wonder if there are nearby members who would have a 3-5 years old hen they would be happy to hand over to us as a compagnon? Any recommendation, advice, suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading our story.
Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
You may find it better to set up a brooder made of 1/2" hardware cloth or chicken wire in your coop so that your old gal can see but not touch chicks and raise some chicks in the coop with her under a brooder plate. By the time they are about 5 weeks old, you can fashion a small chick door (or 2) in one of the walls of the brooder so the chicks can come out and explore the coop while the older gal is locked out. Then let her in and monitor.
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