Hard boiled eggs?


9 Years
Sep 27, 2010
Do our farm fresh eggs that are hard boiled peel with more difficulty? Is there a trick to get them the peel with more ease?

Every time I boil them and try to peel them, they rip up...help!
ive heard many many differant things
1.)cook them with applecider vinager and salt in the water..
2.) give them a ice bath as soon as they are done cooking
3.) cook them the day before you need them and refrigerate them over night
4.) start at the air pocket and slowly work around.

i haven tried any so if you have any luck tell us
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Yes, I find our eggs very hard to peel when boiled. I've found that if I boil them for 7 minutes then immediately put them in ice water they seem to be easier to peel. Good luck.
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Kinda shows you just how "not fresh" the store bought eggs are. If you were to leave them in your fridge for several weeks they would be easier to peel; but that's just dumb.
I don't have fresh eggs yet, but have a hint to help with the peeling. It seems that everyone in my neighborhood has problems peeling boiled eggs - I wonder if it has anything to do with the altitude - around 7400 feet or so. I never had any problems when I lived in Wisconsin.

After the eggs have finished cooking, drain the water off, then dump them from the pan to a bowl and back to the pan, shaking them around a bit in the process to crack the shells. Then fill the pan with cold water and let them cool down. Don't shake them too hard so that you are breaking the eggs open, you just want to crack the shells a bit.

I always go from pan to bowl because I usually fill the pan as full as I can when I boil eggs, then I don't have enough room in the pan after cooking to shake them around.

My peeled eggs aren't perfect, but they have been alot better since I started doing this.
I put my eggs in boiling water and boil 12 minutes, add 1 tsp of baking soda, take off the heat and drain and put in cold water. They peel without a problem, but I have not had fresh eggs yet so don't know if that is an issue. My girls have not started to lay yet. Hopefully soon!
I let my eggs sit out a day or 2 before hand. Before I put them in a pan of water, I give them a tap to give them a hair line crack. They seem to peel alot better with doing that.
I boil our larger eggs for about 15min and then put them straight into ice water....let them cool and they peel perfectly! I just boiled some small pullet eggs the other day and they only needed about 10 minutes in the boiling water.

This is the only way my 3 year-old will eat eggs right now, so we go through a lot of hard boiled eggs! Good luck!!

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