Hard-Boiled looking egg, sick and shivering chicken......can you help?

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Oct 13, 2016
Any suggestions for a one year old hen whose feathers are all up, who has been shivering on and off, and who dropped what appeared to be a white hard boiled egg like poop, which included some yellow yolk in it. She shakes her fead and feathers when she is out with me. She will not roost with the others. I have brought her out of her nest twice today to massage her stomach and give her water. I've put vitamin water in the water bowl. Should I give her a salt bath in the morning? I feel terrible not being able to tell what the problem is. Any ideas? Could this be an impacted egg? what the heck was the thing she pooped out today? so concerned for her. She is my largest and seemingly most robust Easter Egger. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Hi @lesliekoifman

Did you have a photo of the "egg"? Does it look like anything in the links below?

From your description, I am thinking Salpingitis (lash egg) which is an inflammation of the oviduct (infection).

Is she lethargic? She may have more to pass. Providing her with vitamins was a good idea. Try to keep her hydrated. If you have a vet, that would be best. Sometimes if this is caught early, you can treat with antibiotics, but a lot of times when you do find an "egg" like this, the infection is advanced.


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