Hardware cloth vs chicken wire

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    May 30, 2009
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    Quote:Don't use the staples that come in the little hand held staple guns. You know, the ones that are not much bigger than paper staples. You wan to use the larger stapes that are more like U-shaped nails. The kind that you use for nailing barbed wire to a fence post. You can get them for powered staple guns, or you can nail them in with a hammer.

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    I used welded wire fencing with 2" x 4" openings for the enclosure, top of run, and 2-3' apron. Then I attached 1/2" x 1/2" hardware cloth around the whole run up to 2-3 feet high, so the coons can't reach through and take handfuls of chicken. All windows to the coop itself are covered with hardware cloth, and all access (nest box and main coop door as well as main run door) have 2 different kinds of latches, separated widely. We definitely have raccoons in our yard because the neighbor leaves out cat food at night and we've seen both them and raccoons, and have had zero problems with our flock. I don't have to worry about weasels here in the city.

    Chicken wire is for keeping chickens enclosed, not for keeping predators away from them. I didn't use any in my project.
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    Apr 8, 2010
    Ahhh! Screws and washers! I now remember seeing them on tons of pictures, but for some reason I couldn't remember or figure out what they were! Now it makes sense. Thanks!
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    Okay, I think I have my answer. No chicken wire. Looks like I'll have to expand my budget a bit and go for the Hardware cloth. Seeing as I live in the woods, my risk is a little high.

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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    Wow. I just read this thread after building my attached run with only chicken wire. The wire is power stapled in a million places and would be hard to replace. The coop itself is secure, however. There's not much around here as far as predators...it's a suburban back yard. However, I did see a skunk about a year ago and a raccoon walking down the street a few months ago. Really wish I hadn't tried to cut corners. So, I guess, put hardware cloth over the chicken wire now? And, does anyone know if skunks tunnel?
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    Mar 25, 2010
    Yes - Yay Chicks - I suggest putting hardware cloth OVER your existing chicken wire.
    I didn't think we had any predators around me either until I mentioned to someone I had chickens. She shrieked and said "oh no - The foxes will kill them all!" She used to have chickens and lost 2 a week to foxes until she had enough and gave up.
    Now I know of several neighbors who have also lost chickens to foxes - and I live in an inner suburban, highly populated area.
    I had no clue we had foxes around here and I am so glad I didn't have to learn the hard way (by losing my flock).

    I suggest you use hardware cloth so your girls can be safe. [​IMG]
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    Yay Chicks, we are in the same boat. We are almost finished with our big run and we used chicken wire. We did nail 8" tall boards along the bottom and I plan to put raised pavers beds around the coop. My husband is putting the plastic netting on the top, thinking a hawk would not rip through it. I've never felt comfortable that it was enough and especially if a coon can climb up it.

    I'm not sure what we have for predators. We don't live on the farm full-time yet. We need to build our house. We have 108 acres that is almost all pasture. The entire property is fenced and cross fenced. We also have two dogs out there (who hang around the coops) and donkeys in a nearby pasture. We have seen deer and turkey tracks.

    I'm worried about my chickens!
  8. Yay Chicks!

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    Apr 15, 2010
    Forest Grove, OR
    No foxes around here. More worried about raccoons and skunks. I also did not dig a tunnel to sink wire into the ground but extended it out about a foot on the ground around the coop. Will be reinforced at the bottom with rocks. I've seen plenty of people around this area just use chicken wire with no problems that I've heard of... Now I'm thinking the latches I used on the coop are not raccoon proof either. Arrgghh!
  9. jimcro55

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    Apr 30, 2010
    There is no need to dig the wire into the ground. Just leave a little extra so that it can curl on the ground and secure with some heavy rocks and you should be all set. Racoons are very tricky and can definitely get through staple fasteners. I would use the most heavy duty stuff you can find when it comes to fasteners. try screws and washers. As far as the mesh goes, I found a company in New Jersey that will send you outany sample that you need in a 4" square so that you can take a look at the openings yourself.


    They are reliable when it comes to pricing and shipping. I used them 3 times in the past to pick up rolls of mesh and I have never had a problem with them. Foxes are very tricky and can fit through much smaller openings than can racoons, so if you see or hear of them in your area, get a finer wire mesh with a smaller opening!
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    I am using Lath Screws from Lowes to fasten my hardware cloth, basically like a screw and washer in one, with the pointed tip for wood usage


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