Hardware cloth


May 26, 2020
Metro Detroit
I just wanted to say a thank you to everyone who said I should use hardware cloth around my run for predator protection. I live in the suburbs of Michigan but knew we had them around because we live on a double lot with woods a little ways away. We'd seen fox & deer both on the edge of our garden. Woke up this morning to find 3 sets of tracks in the snow by my coop. One was rabbit but one was either fox/coyote (not dog because of the paw pad spacing). It looks like it went right up to the side of my run and tried to dig but my girls were safe and sound! I'll try and see if I can get clear pictures to post later.

If you have predators: don't use chicken wire, use hardware cloth!
The prints as compared to my shoes for size

Here's what they looked like in detail

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