Has anyone been to Sussex Poultry show


11 Years
Feb 18, 2008
Greenville (Port Jervis) NY
in New Jersey? I heard it was coming up in April and was wondering if it was a nice show to save the date for. Thanks for any info!
I get a kick out of looking at all the different breeds. We were hoping to pick up a few laying hens there and learn more about backyard flocks. Do you think it wise to bring my toddler? He LOVES watching our chickens and is very well behaved for his age.
Taking a kid to the show is like taking them anywhere else, if they are well behaved, they will be in the minority. I take mine, they are older, but they know to keep thier hands out of others cages, which is more than I can say for most of the adults there.
The shows I have been to, most are selling young pullets so they may not be laying yet, but you can usually pick up a few decent birds at the shows.
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