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    We've used it for two years now. While most of my chickens stay in it, several just fly over it with ease ... regardless of wing clipping (one or two). You need two people at least to move it. You need rebar to hold the corners taut. You need to keep the bottom clean of debris or it will rot and if the electricity fails rabbits easily eat through it. It won't hold a charge in snow.
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    I used it this summer and was very happy with it. I did however, mow where I was going to place it and moved it often. I did have a couple of birds fly out that I had to catch up, but on several ocassions I saw coyotes watching the birds but I never lost any.
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    It's great stuff if you respect its peculiarities.

    It is not really mainly for keeping chickens *in*, it is for keeping fourlegged predators *out*. Thus it is certainly possible to have chickens occasionally go over the wall. And you really oughta have a good accurate fence tester to ensure it is carrying sufficient voltage to impress a dog or etc (4-5,000v... considerably more than you can get away with for horses or cattle)

    It will sag unless you add additional posts to tie it back to; in strong wind or ice storms it will sag no matter what you do. When it sags too much, it grounds out.

    And you MUST move it regularly to mow close underneath it, otherwise it grounds out.

    It may sound like I am speaking against it, and I'm really not... I like it a lot. But you have to be on the same page as the fence material, you know? You can't just do anything anywhichway with it and expect it to work.

    It is btw SUPER easy to move and install.

    Good luck, have fun,


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