Has anyone heard of this poultry netting?


10 Years
Sep 1, 2009
Big Clifty
I found a website last year and now i can't remember what it was. They sold poultry netting that was 7 ft. tall and would cut it to whatever length you wanted. This would be perfect for me, but after googling and looking on ebay, I can't find the site. Anyone heard of this?
Are you talking about polypropylene mesh netting? My neighbor ordered 13-foot-high deer fencing made out of this stuff from this company, which offers custom fabrication of netting for poultry, too. If you can't find the original site you were looking for, maybe they can make what you want:

I bought my heavy duty nylon netting from this link below:

Here's a link for the nylon netting we used to cover our run.


It's been up for about a year and 1/2 now and nothing has been a challenge for it. Large branches have fallen on it without a problem. Last winter we had 70 some inches of snow here, not a problem. Not to mention the Red Hawk that sits in the big tree right above still trying to figure out how to get the girls. Much stronger than deer fencing or bird fencing, I've had the deer fencing up around our property, the branches will pull it down.

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