Has anyone ordered from Central Hatchery before?


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
Castroville, Texas
I have and just an hour ago recieved my order of 100 Sil-Go-Link Pullets. But, much like my order of straight run Sil-Go-Links from Marti Poultry farm there seems to be something wrong. I have Black Beauty sex-link chicks in there with what appears to be and hoping are my sil-go pullets and I see possiblly Red legs, Califonia greys, Hy-line, Rhodies, but luckily no broilers.

My invoice says: 100 Sil-Go-Link Pullets but this is really an assortment and I'm hoping that at least they are all hens. I have orders to fill out and promised my customers I would have pullets available this week.

Found out my check arrived late and they had cancelled my order the day before and gave my birds to someone on the waiting list. When my check arrived they scrambled together the pullets they had on hand. I was even given a few extras. All in all I will make sure to put my payment out earlier. And the chicks turned out to be the breeds I was suspecting in my first post.
They called me last Friday asking about my payment and it was to my understanding that my order was to go through fine then. I was upset at first but really now I have all kinds of different pullets and had a few extras put in to make up for the mix up. And my customers are not upset so in the end things may not have gone as I had wanted but at least they tried to make up for the mistake and I have another order placed with them.
Alls well that ends well.
Glad you got the extras!
Do you have good luck with the ratio of sexing? I just received 100 RIR from them and so far I have been VERY pleased.

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