Has anyones chicken become more friendly after being sick?

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Sep 4, 2010
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About 3 weeks ago i noticed something in one of my EE's eye, and after about a 5 minute chase of trying to get her, i noticed that one side of her nose was cloged with buggies, and she had bubbles coming out of her eye on that same side so i immediately took her away from my flock and begain treating her with TYLAN 50 and kept her in a dog crate.

I kept her in my garage during the nights in a dog crate, and during the day i would put her outside in a bunny hutch by herself with food and water while she got better, the bunny hutch is about 10 feet away from the main coop and run, so she was able to see my other chickens while she was there.

After about 1 week she was starting to get better, but i still kept her away from my other chickens for another week just to be on the safe side.
This EE hen would always runaway from me whenever i would be near her, but after i introduced her back to my flock, ive noticed that she became more friendly, she comes running to me when i have treats, and she now even flys up on to my arm like my RIR does when i have their food bowl.

Has anyone encounterd this behavior with a sick chicken?
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Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
I have one in the hospital cage right now with a sore foot. she is friendlier and loving it cause she is getting good treats and not having to share. I kinda think she is milking it too. I went to check on her and she had both feet on the bottom of the cage when she saw me she lifted the sore one like look mom it still hurts you have to keep me here longer and give me more cooked egg and peas. I think that when you give them one on one care it does make them more friendly.

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