Has my hen got bird flu?


10 Years
May 5, 2009
I have 12 healthy free range golden comets, they are well cleaned, and well fed with a constant supply of fresh water, yesterday, i checked on my hens at lunchtime, then i went out to feed them at night at around 5pm, and one was dead, it was still warm, but rigamortise had set in, it didn't have any cuts or blood on it, but had some missing feathers around its neck, they are in a huge outdoor pen, and nothing had broken in as far as i could tell, only one strange thing its nose was sealed solid with green fluid, and i couldn't open its beak, and its legs were stretched out(i think this was due to rigamortise).

Anyone thinks they know what happened? And the hens are around 1 years old and is it alright to keep on eating the eggs?


Sorry no pictures, as she was burned yesterday, and the coop was cleaned out ext. Also her comb was purple, blackish color
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