Hatch after day 21


12 Years
Nov 1, 2010
Northern L.P. Michigan
How long after day 21 is it possible for a chick to hatch out? How long do you keep them in the incubator? I'm at day 22 and still have one pipped but have 5 more that haven't done anything yet.
If the other eggs are not moving, I would say just leave those eggs in the bator til it's time to take that chick out.
Same issue here. I have one thinking about zipping and 4 doing nothing. I plan on waiting until tomorrow morning (day 23) and candling any remaining. I did have one last night that pipped and zipped within a 6-hour time frame, so there is still hope there.
Ok, I poked a hole in the air sack so I could see if they were still viable. All 16 Americana's are gone. Looks like prob. around the 18-19th day.
The silkies, there are about 3 that llook viable, maybe. And there are 3 cochins that look viable.

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