Hatch day, first time Broody, TIPS??


9 Years
Nov 22, 2010
Middle Tennessee
This is my first year (month 6 or so now) with chickens. My first broody is hatching today, already got one out!

I can tell she's gonna be a good momma! Despite being the smallest of my hens by a good 25-30% she is ultra protective, won't let anyone pick (peck) on her and when they get too "friendly" in the nest box she picks and pecks, even drew blood on one hen that wouldn't back off! She growls at me but she doesn't get aggressive in the least with me.

So, that being said - I plan on putting a chick feeder and waterer in the nest box today, but what else should I do? The nest box is at ground level with a "lip" that is probably 4-6" above the nest material. The exit from the coop is probably a 12" drop that is facilitated by a probably 24" ramp with cleats every 8" or so. I want her to let them forage as much as possible as all my chickens are VERY free range. The 13 of them range over about an acre, but they have more space than that.

What should I do??

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