Hatch game hen broody?

rooster brandon.

9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
Kodak, by knoxville
I have a hatch game hen with a rooster and today for some reason she layed a egg in the run i ignored it when i came back it was in the coop un under her she would move and then sit down and bring the egg under her with her beak you know role it with her chin well we figure we would put 2 more game hen eggs in there we put some in there and she sat down about a foot away from them! And she roled them all under her is she broody how can i encourage her to stay this way?


i dont eat chicken!!!!
9 Years
Nov 2, 2010
Menifee CA
She could be broodie or she might just be getting ready. Mine like to sit on the eggs when they lay and egg. In my experience they will do it themselves if they want to and if they dont they wont. The eggs might help tho.

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