Hatch rates documented?


5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
SE Michigan
Has anyone kept very detailed logs of incubation and hatch success?

I have been logging collection dates and weights, incubation set date, candling and weight results at 10, 14, 21, and 24 days (turkeys), and ultimate hatch success.

The first half of the eggs I set in staggered hatches were at approximately 75% viable at 10 days. With my new digital controllers, the number is now 89%. While that is a significant improvement, I am very interested in reducing the dead in shell before or after pip. I have had eleven die after lockdown and only four successfully hatched out of 24 , a miserable 17% success rate, from the eggs set before the digital controllers. Humidity control improved throughout the sets. I now move the sponge tray around the incubator tray from corner to corner.

What is a reasonable "successful" hatch rate for home hatchers with non-professional equipment?

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