Hatch rates ? what should i expect to hatch


10 Years
May 17, 2009
Lake Forest Illinois
so i put 15 shipped eggs i my bator ones a double yoker
how many should i expect to hatch? my family will b very angry with me if i end up with too many chickens and i am wondering if i should start making preparations to find them new homes. thank u
My best result from the only time i tried shipped eggs was almost 1 out of 12. Net result = 0%.
Even the very best packaging is not enough to protect the eggs from a rough transit.
On my last batch of shipped eggs I had 78% development (14/18) with 93% (13/14) of the remaining eggs hatching out. The other died without even pipping the aircell. My incubator was running about 2 degrees or so low (thanks to 2 faulty thermometers) the entire incubation, however, or maybe it would have been better. It is really amazing anything hatched.
If you expect none to hatch, then you'll be excited when any hatch.
Or, at least you won't be disappointed if none hatch... you will have expected it!

That's how I tell my kids to think about it when they ask me, "How many do you think wil hatch, huh, huh?" for 3 weeks straight.

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