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    May 14, 2008
    4 cuckcoo marans chick hatched
    1 Partridge Pendesenca chick hatched
    15 or so with very porous/inconsistent shell never developed- shoulda used a BYC member for eggs, huh
    17 had good shells never developed- postal trip rough, other factors
    2 developed tiny recognizable embryos the size of grapes and then died
    5-6 developed to the point of hatching or nearly there and expired in shell, no pip

    humidity was around 48-50 for the first 18 days
    humidity was around 68-72 or so the final three days but not consistently by any means. Both temps and humidity were all over the place as 5 chicks hatched end of day 20, begining of 21, temp was between 98- 102.5, and at one point I thought my thermostat waifer was bad, but it functioned fine after the fact, humidity was worse- from a high of 80 at the height of the small hatch to a low of 50's despite adding and adding water through the straw
    I had papertowels folded and soaked= laying ends in water cups, two kitchen sponges soaked, bottom tray filled with water and still it fluctuated wildly. finally at day 22+ with the 5 chicks having been in the bator for two days in some cases and humidity low 50's I took em out to the brooder and poured water on paper towels, sponges, trays with warm water cups and closed it back up. Humidity did go up, but damage had already been done for the rest I believe, but at that point the humidity had already been dropping and I figured the writing was on the wall- lets get the good chicks in the bator and started towards gaining strength. Any thoughts, both positive and critical (though done kindly) would be appreciated.
    I am thinking of getting the more advanced hovabator the next time around- mine was a forced air with egg turner and waifer thermostat. Also thinking about an outside humidifier to put under the bator during the last three days as well. Thanks folks. I'll get some pics up of the 5 survivors if I can. Keystonepaul
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    Jan 23, 2008
    better than mine ! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] those are pretty good
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    Congrats on your babies. I think this year has been a tough hatching year. Mine have not been as good as last year's. oddly though,The Farmer's Almanac did not give very many good days to set eggs this year. Only about 4,I think.

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