Hatched ducklings


Apr 19, 2020
Hi all I need some advice. I let one if my ducks hatch out a few eggs. So far one has hatched andcwsiting on one more. I checked today and there is still movement. My question is how long should I keep mom and babies separate? I have 11 total ducks 2 are drakes. I don't want babies to get hurt. Other ducks free range in my woods mom and babies are in a 10×10 dog kennel.
Your ducklings need separating from the drake until they are juveniles -- at least 6-8 weeks. When the ducklings are old enough to spend some time each day outside with Mama duck, can you keep the drake in a separate pen or, in the dog kennel? He will also need to sleep separately from the ducklings when they move into the duck house. A drake compartment or a dog crate will do.

I once tried to introduce a rescued 5-6 week old duckling to my son's ducks -- 2 females and a male that were 20 weeks old -- and the drake was vicious. So be careful!! Move slowly with the introductions and keep any time together supervised until y ou are certain the ducklings are safe

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