Hatched my first duck! Cute Indian runner

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Toadally awesome 🛸 🏴‍☠️
Mar 29, 2021

Gah! Got my first baby today!
This is the second time I have attempted to hatch anything. Last time around I got two goslings(out of 5 eggs). This time I set 28 eggs total, 27 pekin eggs and one runner egg.
Two Pekin eggs never developed and were discarded at the one week mark and I had another Pekin quitter a week later.
We are on day 28 and this runner baby hatched today. It is so adorable! It has black on its bill and some on its foot. 😍
Many of the Pekin eggs have external pips, but only one has done some serious zipping. He will probably hatch tonight or early tomorrow morning.
I have had to sit on my hands with these guys. Good thing I read online that ducks had pretty slowly otherwise I would think things were wrong.
I do have one pekin egg that I'm concerned is shrink wrapped. I was having trouble during lockdown with keeping the humidity up. For a day or two, it fluctuated a lot and was as low as 30-40% sometimes. The membrane is yellowish and this egg has not progressed at all for over 24 hours. Any thoughts on whether or not I should help? Yesterday I did coat it with coconut oil.
How’s the duckling(s)?
Thanks for asking! I ended up having to assist all but one of the Pekin eggs. It was a very traumatizing hatch. Every single one was shrink-wrapped. Hatch rate ended up being about 40%, due to this. So many were dead inside the shell, just stuck. 😩
Everyone that made it is doing great, though.
I named the runner Candy because of her awesome feet! They reminded me of striped candy canes.
I'm in love:love Congrats!
Sorry about the rest I am sure it was heartbreaking:hugs
Thank you so much. It truly was. It was a Sunday night, and I was sitting at the kitchen table opening egg after egg and crying because it was so sad. I also felt mad and guilty that the humidity got so screwed up in the incubator. My husband brought me a nice one, so I'm not sure what went wrong.
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