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9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
King George, VA
*AHEM* Hello. My name is Lauren and I am a hatching addict.

I know that I am not alone on these boards. Many of you know my suffering, as you are experiencing it, yourselves. Be not afriad...join this thread! Together, we can help *cough*enable*cough cough* one another navigate the complexities of "need versus want", the validation of incubator procurement, the intricacies of set-up and hatching methods, and the stresses, joys, and heartache of the hatching process.

Perhaps you are not sure if this thread applies to you. Only you can know for certain.

Perhaps you are sitting there saying, "No, Lauren. No, I am not an addict! I can quit anytime I want!" Those, my dear friends, are the words of a hatchaholic. I know...I've said them.

Perhaps you are daydreaming of that shiny new Brinsea or King Suro 20 incubator. You might even have printed Wish Lists left in strategic places for friends and family to find! Maybe you bought it in September, for "Christmas", and have been dusting the thing for the last three weeks, as it is a focal point in your living room. You belong here.

Perhaps you are new to this whole hatching business, but can see it going downhill quickly from here. You simply have insight and that's OK! Welcome!

You might have even posted the following to one of my posts:
"Top ten reasons to open the box before Christmas:
10. Need to read the instruction manual more than once so that when the time comes I will know how to use the bator.
9. Need to send that warrantee card in so it is covered.
8. Need to make sure all the parts are there so if something is missing you can contact the company right away.
7. Need to make sure that nothing got damaged in the shipping process.
6. Need to assemble it and make sure everything is working properly.
5. Need to "just look at it" and think about the chicks you are going to hatch "next year".
4. Need to keep it running for a while to make sure that it keeps working properly.
3. Need to put some eggs in it just to make sure that they will fit.
2. Need to leave the eggs in it to make sure that the auto turner is working properly.
1. Ah heck, the bator is on, the eggs are in it, might as well just let it run and hatch some chicks! That way you know that it will work properly "next year" when you want to hatch some chicks!"

That's right, dsqard, I'm looking at you!

Whatever your reasons, you have a place here and people who understand!

Hi, I'm Linda, and I belong here.

Thanks for starting this, Lauren!!!!!

P.S. - 4 Buckeye hatchlings in ONE 'bator (emphasis indicates there are others) as of this morning. 10 two-day old chicks in the brooder: 5 Faveroelle and 5 FBCM.
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Hi, my name is Wynette (see how clever I am with my user ID being my...um.....name?) and I'm a hatchaholic! Completed my....ahem....cough....LAST hatch of the season 6 days ago. I am NOT hatching again this year!
YAY! Welcome Wynette! We can support each other in NOT hatching through the winter...rather, you can make me stay strong by not sending me any precious eggies. haha

Welcome, Danielle. Please send us hatching pics to tide us through this hatching drought!
Yes, especially some "S" Orps!

Couldn't send any eggies now if I wanted to; most of mine are in molt, and the SPPR roo in particular is not feeling very randy with such ugly girls around him! HA!
Linda (gryeyes) we'll be needing some photos from you, too. K? Thanks! Lol

All I have to share are of a Modern Game and one SPPR, about 6 weeks old and my 18-19 week olds. Not nearly a precious as the fuzzies!

Wynette, your Roo is allowed to be picky, since he makes such lovely babies!
HA! Little does Mr. SPPR know that I have a young boy waiting in the wings if he doesn't pick things up in the breeding department!
Oh yea!!! Can I join? As I am typing this I am boxing up both of my incubators, and I am prepared to NOT hatch until January! Taking a break after almost 7 months of straight incubating. I really want to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and not worry if we have to leave town, and have chicks hatching or in the bator or brooder, etc. (at least I am saying this now, sounds like a good plan right?)

It feels really odd to not have anything in the bators, I just don't know how I am going to do. Maybe I have to get another hobby, like raising 2 yr old twins, blogging and taking care of 40+ chickens isn't' enough, lol! Heck maybe I will enjoy no stress or checking the bator every hour, or sleeping through the night. Did I mention I get a bit obsessed, ha ha!!

I say all of this but now if Wynette wants to send my some gorgeous OE's I might not be able to contain myself. Especially after I had the biggest heart break after I ruined a hatch of her eggs, I have since learned from my mistakes and have had 80% hatches every since, and even better on my own eggs.

Ok I went on and on a little bit there.

Best of luck to all the Hatching addicts!!

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