Hatchery asked for my pertinent info "required to report to regulatory agencies"

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by HobbyFarmicists, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. HobbyFarmicists

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    Feb 4, 2015
    We need some help.

    We used to have a healthy flock of 10 hens until the bass-ackwards city of London Ontario forced us to get rid of them due to by-law infringement. Our hens were very healthy, happy, pasture raised Red-Sex Links with a clean coop and no noise or smell issues.
    We gave them away to friends that live in the country to comply with the order and the hens are doing very well.

    We recently moved to the country for the main reason of restarting our hobby farm.
    I was in touch with the hatchery (Freys) where we got our original birds to get 10 more and start again.
    They asked me "We will require your name, address, postal code and phone #(required to report to the regulatory agencies) to place this order."

    My question is this:

    Why do any regulatory agencies need to know my business of 10 hens?
    We live on a farm now and there are no by-laws to worry about (that we know of) but as you can imagine, we are very gun shy now.
    Can anyone shed light on this for us?

    Many thanks in advance
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    That actually might be more for them than you... are you picking them up or are they shipping them? If they are shipping them, then they have to make sure that they are shipping to an area that they are allowed to ship them... as a hatchery, they have many laws that they have to make sure they are following so they don't get fined or closed down... just a guess...
    If you are picking them up, it might also be that they are required to know if there are any outbreaks of contagions in or around your area that have been reported... I know some places that won't allow new birds within a stated area if there is something actively going around that they could catch and continue the spread...

    Just some theories... hope you get your chooks one way or another! :)
  3. HobbyFarmicists

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    Feb 4, 2015
    many thanks for the reply and theories!

    Any Ontarians on the site that have run into this?
  4. HobbyFarmicists

    HobbyFarmicists New Egg

    Feb 4, 2015
  5. canadianmedic

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    Feb 11, 2015
    Southern Ontario
    Hello fellow ontarian!
    I've done a ton of reading on this and it's because the ontario government has legislation on backyard chicken coops.
    300 max and they track the crap out of you. They can send inspectors anytime.
    When I ordered our chickens through the Agri Corp they said freys would need the info and I'd have to sign some 300 form.

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