Hatchery labeled Australorp with brown/red feathers


7 Years
Sep 5, 2012
I purchased 5 Australorps from our feed store this fall. There were *no* black sex links ordered by this particular store. These were the first chicks of fall and all they had ordered at that point were Australorps and red stars. So, I know the feed store didn't mix them up :)

They all looked very lorpy until I left town for the weekend! 4 had the typical white facial features/bellies/necks of lorp chicks, the fifth looked the same except she is all black around the eyes and beak.

4 are definitely pullets, and feathered in together with big foofy girl-lorp tails- including the pullet in question.

Here's the babies at 2 weeks (pullet in question is frontmost with no white around eyes/beak):

As you can see, the other 4 are very "lorpish." (I sure do hope other people call them "Lorps"... cracks me up)

Here's a close-up of lady in question at <1 week:

Anyway, I never questioned the lorp-ness...

HOWEVER, when I returned from my trip this weekend she had some red feathers around her face and neck/chest! Surprise!

Did the hatchery make an accidental switcheroo and I ended up with a black star amongst lorps? I'm not complaining, she is super sweet and obviously a total ham for the camera.

I've just never seen lorps go through a red/brown feather stage... Sure they lose those last few white feathers as they mature... but reds?

Anyone have any idea??
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Also, her back/wing feathers are ruffled because I stole her from the midst of a dust bath... apologies to the lady. She is usually quite sleek and black/green/shiny :)
I think that she is a mix. Maybe another breed had gotten into the Australorp pen. I do not think that she will lose her red feathers until a molt. I've got one and she looks different. :)

I have several hatchery quality "Lorps" (lol) and one has a few brown feathers like yours and one has a few whitish grey feathers under her chin. I'm not sure what hatchery they were from as I got them from a friend.
Could very well be a Australorp. I have 11 of them and our Roo that was breed between them has reddish-brown wing and back feathers. Well streaks of them. He is 19 weeks old. He was all black at first but them he is turning reddish-Brown. I know he is a Australorp for that is all we had. So yours could very well be the same. They could loose the color later but as of now - who knows.

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