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    Feb 15, 2009
    What is a good Hatchery for a beginer? I want somethin I can put at least 12-18 eggs in but something that is fairly cheap. I dont mind turning the eggs myself.

    I have seen at the fair a simple glass "box" such as an aquarium with only a heat lamp over the top of it. Is it possible to have the eggs in something like this the whole time or are they just bringing eggs that are ready to hatch in the next few days or that day in the display?

    Usually if you walk by a couple times you will see a chick breaking the shell. So my thought was there just pickin eggs that are about ready for this dispaly?
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    May 7, 2007
    Those eggs were put there just before hatching to facilitate viewing.

    You can get a wafer thermostat for $29 dollars delivered to your door from Double R Supply. Then go to the garage and harvest a computer fan off the old unit sitting in the back corner. A little more rummaging may turn up a 12 ac to dc adapter which can be connected to the power supply lines for the fan. Some where in the next heap you might find an extension cord and some miscellaneous wire. You may have to run to Lowes for a porcelin light base and junction box. All that's left to get is a used cooler and a couple of old picture frames with glass and you can throw together your own bator.

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