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    Apr 28, 2007
    what do you think is the best hatchery to get chicks from(other than mcmurrays?) there is a place called My Pet Chicken. has anyone heard of this place and if so, is it reliable? and what other places do you suggest?
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    Mar 29, 2007
    Off the top of my head, there is Ideal Poultry (I'm picking up an order from them tomorrow) and I've heard good things about one called Privett in New Mexico. There's quite a few more, but I'm unable to help further on this subject.
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    Apr 13, 2007
    Quote:I just happened to read on another thread here that someone was having a very hard time with My Pet Chicken--she wants them to tell her when her chicks will ship and they're not returning calls. Then again, I have no personal experience with them and this is just one overheard story, so I wouldn't totally rule them out based on this. I've also heard that MPC doesn't have the 25-chick-minimum that most other hatcheries have, and if you just want a few chickens, this could really be a point in their favor.

    Unfortunately, I'm not experienced ordering from hatcheries--in about two weeks I should get my first batch of day-old chicks in the mail from a private breeder who specializes in Araucanas, and haven't ever had chicks mailed before this. Hope you get some good answers!

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    Jan 15, 2007
    Northern California
    For the least amount of stress during shipping of chicks, it might be important to order from a nearby hatchery where possible.

    I live in northern California and purchased all my chicks from Belt Hatchery in Fresno. The folks there were really friendly, very accommodating, and did a bang up job on my order. I had to order 25 chicks, but everything over the 12 pullets I wanted I gave away to very happy recipients. Although they guaranteed only 95% accuracy is sexing, I got 100% hens, no roosters and exactly what I ordered. My chicks will be three months old next Monday. None were lost during or after transport, and all 12 are healthy as little pigs and huge.

    In my town I'm only allowed to have 10 chickens. I got a dozen because I expected one or more not to survive shipping after hearing so many horror stories from people with dead chicks. I also expected that one or more could turn out to be roosters, so just to be sure, I ordered a couple extra. I'm glad all my neighbors are happy about getting fresh eggs one day!

    I would heartily recommend Belt Hatchery. Here is their site address is you're interested.

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    Apr 15, 2012
    Michigan, USA

    If I had tons of money and lots of space (I have neither, sigh) I'd buy lots of chicks from every major hatchery and work with 4-H kids to raise and evaluate them, then write a review.

    I second the idea of going with one close to you to limit transport time.

    Even better, check out your local community for private breeders. You're likely to get better and healthier birds from serious local breeders. Check Craigslist or the equivalent, and ask around. You'll find more chickens than you thought possible.

    A local feedstore here has weekly auctions where chickens go for cheap, like 50 cents to less than ten dollars. More roulette there though as you can't see where the bird was raised or meet the breeder (unless they're at the auction).
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    Jan 24, 2011
    my pet chicken is a middle man, they don't hatch any birds. they place your order with someone else. If I were you I would order from the "place" located the closest to you that way the birds wouldn't be in shipment any longer than necessary.
    I order from cackle hatchery because they are close to me in north west Arkansas. I also look for the best prices and their prices are about as cheap as I can find.
    this last year or so cackle hatchery have started selling small amounts of chicks, 10 birds or less, which some people find inportant. altho they charge a higher price for the smaller number of birds.In the past I noticed My pet chicken offered to sell fewer birds and many people ordered from them for that reason.
    as for me I would rather buy a larger no. and if I had to give some of them away of course there is the chance you could sell the extra bird if you tried.

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