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Apr 17, 2014
Soooo excited we have our first ever egg starting to hatch.
Our little Peking bantam has been sat on 5 duck eggs for 27days and tonight there is the beginning of a crack in the shell of one egg.
I have read all I can find but really could do with more to read on what happens in the hatch and when they might need assistance.
We have had day old chicks and ducklings before so ok once they are hatched but the getting out if the egg and 1st 24hrs are unknown territory. Advice and suggested reading matter much appreciated.
so to be clear - you have a broody duck sitting on the eggs, they are not in an incubator.

There is nothing for you to do at all - just leave them alone.

They will hatch or they wont - not much you can do but upset the mother by messing with her chicks / eggs.

I'm told that ducks & checkens know how to hatch eggs without the use of an incubator, humidity regulation, thermometers etc. It only gets complicated when we humans try to hatch a chicken/duck w/o a broody.
So that is an interesting question - Momma will hatch any egg you sit under her - but I dont know about her raising critters of another species.

Anyone know if a chicken will raise a duck?

I've never tried that.
I've read that she will raise them just wondered if she will know how to hatch them and if we can move them once hatched?
She will hatch them no problem.

If she accepted them as her chicks you can move them too. I prefer to move birds well after dark. They tend not to notice things that happen while they are asleep
We have ducklings!

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