Hatching and humidity won't stay up...advice please!

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    This is my second season of incubating and I am trying to increase my hatching rates from last year. (We live and we learn.) I have five healthy hatches, three pips and one that will likely die and 10 more eggs I am still waiting on. My humidity will not stay up, right now it is at 30% and the only way I am able to get it higher is to add really hot water (I placed it so the chicks can't get burned) but it is only lasting a couple hours. I don't want to keep opening the bator to add hot water. What do I do?
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    Add sponges, cotton fabric, anything to increase surface area. Perhaps drape a cloth across the bottom and add water through the holes.
    Surface area rather than depth is what adds humidity.
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    A few things we have done

    • First you are right, do not keep opening the incubator.

    • Do you have a humidifier? Like a warm air one in your house or can get from a pharmacy. Keep it filled per instructions and run until that humidity is up.....Sometimes I have run them for 3 days, but being sure to always make sure they are filled and that they have safety off switch. Be sure that the incubator can get that ventiliation from the outside and let the humidifier add moisture to the room it is in. this works very well for me

    • If you have reptile acquarium tubing AND a small funnnel, you can careful poor warm water through it. Be sure to not get this near an egg or baby pecking out or near the motor of your incubator.

    • I take warm wet towels rolled up and rubberbanded and put in the incubator.

    • And for the next incubation, be sure you have a vinyl liner.... it helps!!!!! If you don't have one use small tops of tin cans or plastic lids to get the humidity coming up.

    • Are you absolutely sure your humidity is 30% - did you calibrate your hygrometer? Before next hatch suggest calibrating hygrometer and thermometer! You might also trying lowering the heat in the room the incubator is in. Heat dries the air but be careful as you do this that you do not make the temp too low as that might affect the hatch rate.

    Hope this was helpful and Happy Hatching. Have a blessed day, Farmer Nancy
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