Hatching and mama not accepting them.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Miss Lydia, Jun 3, 2011.

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    My Muscovy duck started hatching her eggs yesterday, 2 had pipped as of yesterday and this morning 1 was out of the shell and evidentally she had pushed it into a corner, it was still wet and it was cold, I put it back under her, went to feed everyone and came back she had it pushed into another corner, so I took it and put it under my brahma hen who has decided to go broody again after hatching chicks 6 weeks ago, thank goodness she just took to the nest yesterday. well then when I looked again at mama duck, she had stopped sitting on the pipped egg so i took it and put it under the brahma also, that leaves her [duck] with one egg which has not pipped yet. She settled right down once she just had the 1 egg. what is going on? I have never had this happen before, it's been about 4 years since we have had ducklings but this mama is first timer and about 2 yesrs old. will these ducklings be okay under a chicken I have read about chickens raising ducklings and vise versa but never had the experience myself. And should I just go ahead and put this last egg under brahma hen and be done with it. Thanks.
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    Some ducks are great at sitting- but not interested with the ducklings that hatch out from the eggs. It is more common in first timers- so it doesnt mean that the same will happen again in future for sure. If you do put the last egg under your brahma hen ( lucky for you she has great timing ) Candle it first- at least that way you will know if there is any chance of it hatching before slipping it under her. No point getting her to sit on it if the duckling hasnt survived this far. Fingers are crossed for you and the broody hen.
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    Quote:Thanks for input. Went shopping with granddaughter for a couple of hours came home and duckling was out of nest box and cold. quickly my dh and i set up a brooder and got out the heat lamp, it's been about 45 mins and it's starting to move around, got a peck on the head not bad though and I sprayed vetricyn on it. the other egg that had pipped was shrinked wrapped in the shell and died, we just finished having the funeral. 3 grandchildren. now there is 1 more egg still under broody duck no signs of pipping yet but will candle tonight. Hopefull this little one will make it my grandchildren named it Destiny Hope.
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    Baby Hope made it through the night and is doing great, looked on Craigs list to see if there are any ducklings close to us and there aren't [​IMG] How is this little one going to be without a buddy? I have adult Muscovies outside but it will be a long time before it can join them. And we tried to see if mama would take it this morning as she is still sitting on one egg, nope she attacked it. So it's in the brooder with a stuffed animal and a mirror for company. I've never had to deal with this before all my other duck mamas were excellent with their babies. So sad [​IMG]

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