Hatching Cayuga eggs for the first time


Jul 29, 2016
Gulf Breeze, Fl
I am on day 19 of the incubation process with shipped Cayuga eggs. Everything seems to be going fine as of now, but like any first time "mom", I'm nervous that now that I'm attached to them, something will go wrong in this last leg of the race. I keep finding conflicting information as to how to adjust temps and humidity during the end of the incubation period, so I figured I would reach out on here and see if I can get some better info. I live in Florida, so the humidity is pretty high here. I keep the incubator at 101.5 with humidity between 55-60%. I started with 13 eggs and am down to 7, but they seem to be growing quite nicely in there. Can anyone tell me what steps I need to take in this last week? Any and all information is greatly appreciated!

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