Hatching Chukar eggs


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
Tampa Bay
I got lucky to get some Chukar eggs early in the season. Been experienced hatcher but first time Chukar daddy.

What is recommended as far as posisioning the eggs in the bator: Natural way (sideways) or upright?

Or perhaps it does not matter in Chukars world?
I want to know this as well!
Hopefully chukar eggs are in my future....
That's obvious. so do I.

My question was is it better to put them sideways (like under the hen) or standing up (vertical, thin end down).

Four posts and I still do not know how most people hatching chukars position the eggs.

Perhaps it needs to take more posts to find out.
Sideways in a turner? Did I read your post just before mine right? You're using a turner? Pointy end down in the turner, just like chicken eggs.

I don't think it matters whether you put them on their side (as in hand turning) or standing up (in a turner). It's personal preference.
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Howdy everyone.... Pascopal is using a brinsea octogon 'bator' so he has the option of possitioning the egg in many ways within the bator, as the whole unit is a turner with brinseas....

Pascopol I set them small end down and have best results that way

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