Hatching day and a bit concerned

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    Dec 29, 2016
    Hi everyone

    I build my own incubator from an old cooler box and used the whole bottom of the box as my water bowel to get the humidity up during lock down - build a little 'stage' over it with chicken wire touching all the sides of the incubator, for the eggs to lay on. At the end of the day it was more of a struggle to keep the humidity down instead of getting it up, but I manage to keep it between 60% and 70%.
    Today is day 21 for my first hatch and I was very excited this morning 7am when 1 egg pipped and I also heard peeping. Just after the excitement saw that my eggs were all just touching the water. I did not see this previously as I kept the incubator closed during lockdown, just lifting the lid a little to let some of the moisture escape when it got to humid. The incubator (cooler box) is quite deep so the humidity and temperature isn't lost quickly. I quickly and very carefully and slowly lifted the eggs onto a kitchen towel. The humidity was between 60% and 70% the whole time.

    I'm from South Africa so it is now 4:35pm (9 and 1/2 hours after first pipped) and there has been more peeps (i presume it is from the one that pipped) but it is very faint peeps and it did not progressed anything from this morning. What should I do? Just leave it? I'm also concerned about the other eggs because I can't see any movement, pipping etc from them. I have to open the lid so see how they are doing, because I did not put in a proper window when I made the incubator. But as I said, because it is so deep, the humidity and temperature is not lost quickly.

    Any advice is welcome.

  2. the best thing to do is just to leave them alone. It does more harm than good to mess with them

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