Hatching Duck and Goose eggs together........


11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
I will be setting some duck and goose eggs tomorrow and I am wondering what I should keep the humidity at? The ducks are fawn and white runners and the geese are 3/4 white chinese and 1/4 embden. What is a safe range of humidity for incubating these eggs together??? I have read to mist the goose eggs. Will it be ok the mist the duck eggs too? Also how long should it take this breed of geese and ducks to hatch??? Thanks!!!
They are fine together. Duck eggs also need to be misted. 55% humidity while incubating and 85% during lock down. Temp is the same. I'm actually incubating my first set of goose eggs, but have done plenty of duck eggs. I did read up on it the two books from Holderread, one for ducks and one for geese, both suggest the same for incubation.

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