Hatching Duck eggs.

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    Hello I've done some research on this process as I've found that it is different from hatching chicken eggs. I have a Farm Innovators model 4250. The biggest question I have is about adding water to keep the humidity up. I've seen a lot of people using the funnel through a tube method. Would I run this through one of the vent slots? or should I use a sponge or cloth. What works best. In the bottom of the incubator they have the water reservoirs, do these not work very well? evaporate too quickly? Thanks in advance for any help you may have. Also if you have anything to add as being very important to hatching duck eggs please feel free to comment.
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    I have hatched duck eggs for a friend about 3 years ago. I researched a bit beforehand and ended up incubating them at the same temperature and humidity as I do chicken eggs, 45-50% humidity and 99*F (forced air incubator). I got a 100% hatch. I used a Brinsea Eco 20 and placed a cloth in the bottom, under the egg try, that I dampened as needed to keep the humidity up. I found I could "feed" water in with a straw via the vent hole on top, so I did that during lock down. Hope this helps some.
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