Hatching duck eggs

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    Oct 16, 2011
    i am new to hatching eggs. i just hatched 5 chicken eggs last week in my incubator all five that i set hatched out and now i have five little BO/RIR peeps soooo cute. My runner is laying and i want to hatch some eggs any advice that is different from chicken eggs. i have a still air LG with an egg turner. i was surprised all my chickens hatched with it being my first try. thanks for the help:D
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    Feb 4, 2010
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Excellent beginner's luck - very well done! And a reminder to those people who have constant problems with them that some people do manage to get really good hatches from LG incubators. [​IMG] Duck eggs are pretty much the same as chicken eggs to incubate, but they take 28 days (or so) to hatch, so you have to turn them for 25 days. Temp is the same, and humidity is pretty much the same too for the first 25 days, but ducklings need a higher humidity to hatch out - duck egg membranes seem to be a lot tougher than chicken egg membranes - so when you go into lockdown you'll want to get your humidity up around 80%. Apart from that, if you just do what you did with your first incubation, you shouldn't go far wrong...

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