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6 Years
Apr 29, 2013
Has anyone had any experience hatching duck and chicken eggs together under a hen?? My worry is once the chicks hatch at 21 days the half incubated ducks will get abandoned. Also is there any way to persuade a little silkie hen to become broody so I can have some silkie babies?
I haven't hatched duck and chick eggs under a broody, but in the incubator. I just put duck eggs in for a week then add the chicken eggs so they are due to hatch at the same time - you can exactly the same with the broody. In my experience a broody will sit until 3 days after the first egg hatches, regardless of what it is that hatches. She will (normally) also be quite happy to sit for 4 weeks for ducks instead of 3.

I have had broodies raise ducklings I hatched in the incubator alongside their own chicks with no issues. She will happily raise the ducks and chicks together without prejudice (but watch for the look on her face when the ducklings see water for the first time, lol)

What kind of ducks? Might be harder for a hen to sit on say pekin duck and bantam chicken eggs at the same time, (because of size difference) otherwise, no issue.

As for getting a silkie to go broody, its a case of luck in timing, and leaving sufficient eggs in the nest box that she frequents so the idea comes to her. Keep ten or so eggs in the nest box, you can swap them out every day so you have a supply for the kitchen, until she decides to stay on them. My silkies have always been quick to go broody and great moms.
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