Hatching Egg Purchase....Bad Idea????


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Mar 4, 2009
OK......I hope someone will help me understand and make me feel better on why I paid $50 to a BYC egg hatchery for 15 hatching eggs (6 White Leghorns/9 Buff Or).

I looked in my local Craigslist, and see several posts for a dozen eggs (fertile) for only $6????? This of course after I bought the $50 worth online already.....

Is the quality of bird better, or better hatch rate possibility, or...?????????
hmmm that i don't know.
I would ask the person you got the eggs from what lines they are from , and they may be breeding stock instead of hatchery stock which does make a huge difference .

The ones on craigslist i would ask them the same questions and take it from there.

Hope that helps some.

sorry, I cannot make you feel better

I cannot say which are the better eggs..

but I would have gone with the craigs list eggs ..

most likely they would be closer and you could have picked them up

with mailed eggs I have found the hatch % to be far less.. I shoot for 50% on mailed eggs..

other people will no doubt disagree with me.. but I am just stating what I have experienced..

can you stop the shipment?? and get your money back??

use this as a learning experience..

this is the best I can do for you..

I am guessing the OP is not concerned at this point of the quality of the chickens.. I seems to me they just wanted some eggs that will hatch.. for first time hatchers, I would have recommended the cheaper eggs..

hatcheries charge a LOT for their eggs, don't know why

I get my eggs from BYC members.....
I do not buy many any more, but last year I paid $3.oo/doz for meat type chicken eggs. I bought 30 doz

I kept 1 rooster.. he is going to begin work this week ..
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