Hatching egg question?

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    Picked up some eggs from a local breeder and set them into my incubator last night. However just out of curiosity & wanting to check the fertility- I crack 1 egg open. The white was pretty gelatinous and thickly congealed onto the side of the egg shell. Broke another egg, and same thing. What does this mean?

    Breeder had said she collected them in past 3 days, had them in a turner, so I've gotta give her the benefit of doubt; but it's so odd- figured I had to ask.
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    In my climate, it means they froze and thawed. I've hatched a couple that had partially frozen.

    What was the consistency of the yolk? A frozen yolk will also be "chunky" even after thawing.

    Fresh eggs have much thicker albumen than store eggs, and I don't know your frame of reference. These may just be fresher than you are used to.
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