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Aug 27, 2013
I have some silkies, they are only young but in stead of adding to my flock I thought it would be cool to order a rainbow mix of different eggs and se what hatched when the hens go broody. I've read that the best needs different materials to keep the nest humid. No idea how I would do that. Dose the hen make the nest her self or do I need to step in and add soil and stuff?
My Buff Orp hatched 3 out of 8 in a laying box with straw in it. At least 2 of the 8 eggs were duds. One got broke, and one vanished. One chick died before it dried out (smothered?) and one was killed by another hen (they were in a community coop). We had 1 chick make it.

We did nothing special, just let her sit in the laying box. I'd just let nature take it's course... after all, chickens have been hatching eggs for many thousands of years successfully without us!


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