hatching eggs mix breed oklahoma


12 Years
Oct 25, 2007
Hi all, just putting this out there to see what you all think.
I have some nice hens laying good eggs.
My rooster is a American Game Cock, black breasted red. My hens are, White Leghorns, Barred Rocks, Black Australorp, Cinnamon Queens, and Production Red. Black Stars.
I have hatched out some for myself and have got nice pullets and great roosters from them.
I also have a rooster from the above cross in with pullets and a game hen. And one more cross roo with leghorn hens.
I have 12 chicks that are 5 weeks and more eggs in the bartor. Great colors on these, and waiting to see the next batch.
If any one is interested in some I will take $10.00 a dozen with extras added plus shipping.
I'll pack them right .
Any takers?
Or make offer.
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Hi all, make me an offer or we maybe can do a trade.

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