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    Jul 5, 2011
    OK so I have an egg that pipped (yes pipped not peeped) this evening under a broody hen, but I think that it may either be my calculations off or early pipping. I left them under her on 7/21 so the hatch date should be 8/10 and there are 2 others that are supposed to hatch that day too. Then there are 3 others that are due to hatch on 8/11 6 in total. Problem is all the eggs are moving and peeping. My question is do I need to give them vitamins and if so can they wait until the weekend when I can get to the feed stores to get them. Also is there anything else that they HAVE to have. I hatched out silkies before and they did not get vitamins, chick starter or grit. What they got was water, scratch (ground up in a coffe grinder) and that was it. I was told (not on BYC) that you could just grind up some scratch for them and it was fine. The birds lived and grew up to be happy healthy adults. But I am intrested in showing and breeding my chickens now that I know a bit more about them. I just don't know exactly what to have when they hatch, and if they can wait a few days to get it. I also want to know about vaccines and do they need to have them, is it a good idea to give them to birds you want to show? What age do you give them to the birds, (boosters)? [​IMG] Sorry I am rambling,[​IMG]: I am just a paniked chicken mama. Someone just needs to slap some sense into me [​IMG]
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