Hatching eggs under a hen for the FIRST TIME!


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Jul 25, 2011
My hen, Broody Judy, is a Speckled Sussex. She started acting funny this spring (I have only had chickens for one year, so still learning about them!). Finally mid-May she wouldn't leave the next box, so I figured out what I had suspected...BROODY HEN!
I am excited cuz out of my 12 hens, I was hoping for one that would want to be a momma. She volunteered, so I stuck 3 eggs under her on May 20th, just to see if she would continue to set. She did, and now we are set for hatching June 9th (a weekend...perfect timing!). So the next stage of finding out if she'll be as good of a momma as she was a setter!
I am very excited! I'll post pictures of the babies once they hatch.

Anyone else have "first time" broody hen stories or due to have a hatch soon?

UPDATE: THEY HATCHED TODAY!! (6/9/12)! So cute!
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Aug 5, 2011
We just had two broodies for the first time. They hatched 6 out of 8 eggs. One of the mamas was being ugly so I moved her back to the regular pen and the other mama is taking care of the 5 chicks. One chick disappeared.

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