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    I have never tried hatching eggs before and so for the last 4 days I just havn't collected my girls eggs thinking one would decided to come sit on them and make some chicks however nothing has happened and I was wondering is this common, should I wait longer, are my girls just not interested in egg sitting.

    I have 9 girls 6 are buffs 1 plymoth, 1 silver lace wayndott, and one that I can't remember what she is other than mean and fast.
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    Well, when hens hatch eggs, it's called "going broody". This is kind of a hormonal thing that comes over a hen. She is obsessed. They usually lay for a certain period of time, and then start setting. Buff Orps are a breed that definitely will become broody, but you never know when that's going to happen.

    Kind of keep your eye out for a hen that suddently starts hanging out in the nesting box, kind of puffs up and growls at you when you try and collect eggs. She will also pluck her belly bald so that her skin can touch the eggs. Once or twice a day she'll run outside, and very quickly eat, drink and poop, then run back into the nest.

    It doesn't hurt to leave the eggs in the nest, but I personally collect the eggs until I see a hen showing those broody characteristics. And then, you would only let them keep a certain number of eggs, like, say 8 eggs. You mark an X on those eggs, because other hens will come into her nest and try and add more eggs, and you won't know which ones are the oldest.....You might end up with 20 eggs, and only a few hatch because mama can't keep things straight.

    Hope this helps and have a wonderful spring!

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