Hatching eggs without prepared incubater

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Hi there,
    One of our Henslayed eggs, YESTERDAY,,,,,2 hatched, one was found in the coop, by itself, shell attached to the Chicks feathers,,,but chick seemed healthy but panting. I brought it in, gently pulled the tiny feather's from the sticky shell, warmed it up real good. Chick revived and was doing just fine. I put it in a box, put heat lamp on, added hay and some terry cloths. Made like a nest like spot. It settled down and went to sleep. I checked on it 20 mins later, it was awake, I picked it up and gently cupped in my hand and it it calmed down. Very fluffy and perky and peeping. I went out to the coop, found another egg on the coop floor, Hen next to it,,,it had been pecked really bad, dead fully grown chick inside, Mom Hen laying down like she was still on eggs. This egg was right next to her, it was all bloody. I got her off the other eggs, 2 left and brought them in the house, thought perhaps they were ready to hatch as well or within a day or 2. When I came in the house, the chick I had in the box, was gasping for air again, all balled up, I picked it up and tried to revive it, but it died in my hands. Heart breaking. So, I don't have an incubater, I am using 2 lamps, the kind that is shown, metal shades. They have 60 watt bulbs. I clamped the lamps on both sides of the same box, got another smaller box, shoe box size and put hay in it, put the 2 eggs in it, pointy side down, put the lid on the box, leaving a corner open for air. Put a small cup of water in the outter box, in the corner. Put a thermometer in the back corner. The temp is at at 99 right now. The lamps are facing each other, not down directly on the shoe box with the eggs. I have gone in every couple hours and turned the eggs, keeping the pointy side down.
    Do you think they will hatch? I'm trying with what I have. ALSO, later yesterday, this same Hen layed 1 more egg and she's laying on it. I left her alone with it. I have 3 other laying hens, one has a new chick with her. I have had these chickens for about 3 years now, never have experienced this before. We have 2 coops with 2 roosters, having their own hens and coop.
    What do you all think? I've never hatched eggs myself, never planned on it till I had the correct equipment etc.

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