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    Apr 23, 2017
    Yes I have some questions I'm a first time hatcher I bought the 56s incubator I know it's a China made but liked the clear top for kids to watch process I started it yesterday I have turkey duck and chicken eggs in it I did get a little giant for the lockdown time being there's a different hatch time between the two anyway. I'm having trouble with my humidity being to high i sucked most of the water back out the tray if I keep lid cracked it looks about right but herd hard to relie on the factory one so I bought a digital one and set on top of eggs that one says a different reading don't know what to do The reading is with lid cracked open 64% humidity and 86 degrees f. The factory says 44% and 37.6 c any help would be appreciated
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    I don't use that model of incubator, but given the disparity in readings between the two thermometers and hygrometers, I'd buy a third so you can tell which readings are accurate. The factory thermometer/hygrometer's readings are closer to where you'd want it to be (at least for duck and chicken eggs), if it's a forced air incubator.

    Best of luck with your hatch.
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    You can google salt test for hygrometer and check the accuracy of the one you bought, then you'll know how to adjust.

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