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Hello Everyone, And Good Day To All....What I'd Like To Know Is, If It Takes 21 days to hatch chicks in a incubtor,
Dose it take the same about of time when the hen is laying on them? And one more thing, I have a silkie laying on eggs and
at first there was only two eggs, then there was four,, then there was six, and i really don't know how meany is out there now,
But dose that mean that they all will hatch at Differate times? and if so and she keeps laying, how long will it all last or she stops laying on her eggs?I'm not sure just how long she's been on them, but it seems like i should have chicks soon...Thanks Everyone for you info on this.........
Yes, it takes 21 days for a egg to hatch under a broody hen. A hen that is setting on eggs is called a broody hen, or a setting hen.

When the chicks hatch they can live with out food and water for 3 days. That's how the hatcheries can send chicks through the mail.
Hens will lay an egg everyday, until they think they have enough eggs to set on, then they'll go broody. That is call a clutch.
Your hen is just laying more eggs to set on.
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