Hatching for neighbor...


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
I'm pretty sure my oldest EE is broody. She has been sitting on every egg since she has been able to lay last year. She kicks the other hens out ASAP to sit on their egg.

The neighbor wants to hatch her fertilized eggs, so I told her I'll try with my EE. I currently have her sitting on a unfertilized egg at this moment. She gets up and moves the egg every so often. I'll let my EE raise one chick and give the rest to my neighbor. Hopefully my neighbor will allow me to keep an EE/barred rock mixed. I love the barred EE look! Luckily we both are set up to raise chicks without a broody. I have a XL wire dog kennel inside the coop with 3 new babies I bought and am no integrating. The babies have been free ranging with the big girls and inside the run/coop under my supervision. In a week or two the babies will be full sized and ready to roost giving me room to have the EE raise the baby chick.

Wish me luck! ;)
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I'm going to let them out of their run in a few minutes when the hawks stop circling. We'll see if she stays on the nest!
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